Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 4 Number 4 - Page 84

Inspire! Stories of inspiration & art! Written by Nijole Rasmussen “Art as a Catalyst” Painting with my soul, I know what not painting is. Longing with my soul, I know what not longing is. The experiences and joys of my soul I have painted and hung on the walls. Witness to the readiness of my heart, effortless- ly the canvas has lent its surface to me. the beginning of a season— they are delightful and promise that an end will take a place. The deeper my privacy, the easier the beginnings find the end, and the rhythm of life is balanced and established. Out of an abundance of soli- tude, silence, and stillness, my creativity finishes itself into a form of art, for which I strive with gratitude. I work, I rest afterwards, with a si- I am grateful that the part of my soul has found lence or with a solitary joy. I rest in everything its roots in the existence of shapes and colors, in I do alone. Such is my joy and abundance. It is awareness of Beauty around me. Importance of easy for me to be alone. I gravitate with all my being aware of something bigger then me, has essence towards moments alone with solitude. led me to the remotest corners of my universe where I found myself, standing firm on I keep love of nature close to my heart. It helps the cobalt blue meridian. So many possibilities me to be authentic and original to creation and and endless variety of objects around , still my the Creator. The harmony in nature transience eye and soul gravitates to balance and harmony, my soul and I feel a need to recreate it with my gravitates towards what we call Beauty. art. To be able to convey elegance, grace and refinement to the viewer and so spread that If sometimes it felt that to arrive at the lasting impression with a gentle suggestion to meridian was enough, later it was clear that it embrace it, to take extra moment of stillness. It is only beginning. The soul has whispered loud teaches us to be and to be now. and clear, there is so much more to discover and to be discovered. The more I immersed myself into art, the more I discovered myself. There was design and order to explore and find. No experience was useless and to find art in every day moments has proved the path I was looking for so long. Every day has become like canvas for me. I take the camera in my hands to record passing moments, I take a block of pastel in my hands, I take a brush and it all leads to one end. End with so many beginnings, so many opportunities. I found myself there. I see how everything that happens is forever a beginning, and beginning in itself is always beautiful. The beginning of every painting or poem, the beginning of a relationship, 84 “Leaning into the Wind” 22x28