Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 4 Number 4 - Page 62

Pat Stacy How often do you paint? How many hours a week? I try to be in the studio 3 or more days per week. I would say that time in my studio averages around 20 to 40 hours per week, with the photography, photoshopping, website, emails, etc. taking up a lot of the time. How would you like to be remembered? I would like to be remembered as a person who made a difference no matter how small--whether as an artist, a counselor, Red Cross Disaster Mental Health worker, or family member. One of my favorite quotes is from Harvey Cox, a Harvard theologian, “Will it matter that I was?”. How do you know when a painting is finished? A painting is finished when it is sold or given away, or when I cannot think of anything additional that can be done to improve it. Do you have a favorite painting that you have collected by another artist? I have several favorites. I love my very large giclee of “Prancer” by Bob Coonts that lives in my entryway, and “Quail Lessons” by Dominic Bourbeau that has so many symbols of Arizona in it, including the saguaro that is unique to Arizona in the U.S. What is the most inspirational place you have visited to date? I was privileged to tour Israel, Petra in Jordan, and Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s in Egypt. The antiquities and the spirituality of this journey were a unique and powerful experience. Where would you t ake your dream vacation? I have done a fair amount of traveling and have truly enjoyed the countries and peoples I have seen and met. I have never been to Eastern Europe except the Czech Republic. I would like to go back to the Czech Republic, and see Poland, Hungary and other Eastern Europe countries. What brings you the most joy in your life? My family and my friends bring me much joy. I love being around them and sharing their lives. If you could talk about art with a deceased master artist, who would it be? Gustav Klimt. I would have so many questions about his techniques and the joy in his designs combined with his realistic work. I would like to know how this type of work developed for him, his inspirations, and how he uses and creates with the gold leaf. The geometric work he does fascinates me—how can he be so incredibly creative and precise. Any other thoughts to share? Being immersed in my painting takes me to another dimension of reality. It has truly become a passion. I am so grateful to the artists that have encouraged me and helped me along the way, and hope I can pass some of the enthusiasm and skill they have given me along to other beginning artists. patstacy.com 62