Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 4 Number 4 - Page 60

Pat Stacy What is your first memory of creating art? Like most children, I was given color books, crayons and paper to do art, and had art in school as well. I really did not think that I could “do” art until I was an adult. Do you have a favorite piece that you have created? What makes it special to you? “My Soul is Dancing” is one of my most favorite pieces. It was very early in my adult painting experiences. I was ill and in a spiritual group with women dancing in the back of the room. I wanted to dance, but could not. I felt like my soul was dancing instead. I went home, and began to paint her. Do you have a favorite artist that you admire or that inspires you? Gustav Klimt is my favorite artist, with Anton Gaudi next. Both were turn of the century artists, Klimt a painter and Gaudi a sculptor. I have had the privilege of seeing Klimt’s “The Kiss” in Austria--absolutely magnificent--and his “Adele Bloch-Bauer”--better known as “The Woman in Gold” in New York---which is absolutely the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. The architecture of Gaudi that I saw in Spain is breathtaking. What do you listen to when you paint? Acoustic new age and spiritual music I have collected over the years. What tool in your studio could you not live without? My palette knife. Do you have a favorite subject matter? I paint abstractly with symbols that have meaning for me. In most of my paintings you will find descending squares that symbolize the light of the Creator coming into the painting for me, as well as a spiral that denotes the journey to the center of being for me. What is your preferred medium? I love working in acrylic. It is so versatile, with so many pastes, grounds, and mediums to choose from as well as so many viscosities from airbrush to heavy bodied. Tell us something that few people know about you. I am a great-great grandmother. Truitt is now 2 years old. 60 patstacy.com