Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 4 Number 4 - Page 6

Letter from the Editor fall 2018 “Fall is by far my favorite season! I anticipate it much like a child waiting for Santa! It’s hard to believe it’s here as we have a been having unseasonably warm temperatures here in Colorado. Usually by now we have had our first little snow, but September yielded a record-breaking number of 90° days. I am all about ritual and tradition and some of my favorites for this season include the Starbucks pumpkin scone, the Yankee brand salted caramel candle, and of course homemade chicken tortilla soup. Shorter days reset our body clocks and allow a season of a little bit more rest; something I think most of us probably need by October. It seems easier to allow ourselves to slow down a bit when it’s dark outside. Why is that? I invite you to slow down nestle in, and rest up for what I hope is your best holiday season ever!” -Kimberly Conrad Editor-in-Chief Owner, Where ART Lives Gallery & Magazine 6