Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 4 Number 4 - Page 50

Art on the Road Gary Gall - Amphora Gallery, Cambria, CA Gary’s mission and passion is working with clay. He is always in for a surprise when he opens the kiln where Pele, the fire goddess, has been performing her magic, complimented by the air and moisture that is brought their way on that particular day. In addition to creating art pottery, Gary also does many home improvement projects for clients such as fireplace fronts, complete bathrooms with tiled walls, tubs, basins, pillars decorated with sea life, flowers, sunsets; whatever the customer wants.  Gary enjoys teaching pottery classes in school settings and at his home studio. Currently, Gary spends most of his days as a production potter making traditional utilitarian objects and taking his turn greeting customers from all over the world at Amphora Gallery. 50 amphoragallerycom