Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 4 Number 4 - Page 103

In what town and state is your art studio located? Sorrento Valley in San Diego, CA. What is your favorite thing about your studio? It’s a tie between its proximity to home and it’s spaciousness. Being close to home means I can easily make quick trips or stay late. At just over 1000 sq ft it affords me plenty of space to create, dance, display work, explore many projects simultaneously and have easy access to completed works. I have two separate rooms for painting, and a separate room for storage and I also created a small library and sitting room so I can relax, do research, and just spend quiet down time in the studio. Would you describe your studio as messy or neat? It’s an organized mess. Everything has a designated home where it eventually will find itself once I start tripping over things but when I’m in my creative flow, I don’t worry about cleaning up. Having concrete floors and having the entire place to myself means I don’t have to worry about messes until it starts to encumber me. Is our studio located in or out of your home? About ten minutes from my home in an industrial complex but it’s near a trail head that leads to a waterfall and the ocean is only a mile away. What do you do to set the creative mood in your studio before you begin creating art? It depends on where I am in my process with a particular body of work. When I’m starting a new series I tend to have a lot of energy and I don’t need to do anything except show up and play. If I’m further along in a series and need to start looking more critically at editing work I often feel resistance. That resistance makes me feel tired and I can stagnate and even begin to think that it’s too difficult a task for me, so I approach the energy with respect. If I have time, I might start in my chair with a spiritual book and some quiet meditative music and ask the resistance what it needs from me. Sometimes what I need is a nap so I will indulge that for a bit, but gener [HH[\\™YYH[x&[]]H[[\[\H]YXH[ܙX]H][X[ۈ\[[ܚ܈HX]\ˈHZY[KX]YH[K[^H]YH\[[[\[HY\[\H[[][ۈX\[HYX[Y][[H]ܙX]\\]HوZ[ H]H[]^H[\[]\HXYH\]HH][\\ L