Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 2 Number 6 - Page 89

nal artists Hanne Lore Koehler Canada Born in Aachen, Germany, Hanne Lore Koehler grew up in Ontario, Canada, where she still lives with her husband and family from which comes the inspiration for much of her work. Although she did not have a formal education in art, when it comes to her work, as in her life, she has always followed her heart. Hanne feels that this is all you might be interested to know about her; instead, she would like you to know about her art. Hanne portrays her subjects with detailed accuracy yet injects her own unique style into an image. Her watercolors are characterized by a wet-on-wet background which matures to a more definable foreground and finally, with detailed brushwork, concentrates on a focal point and ripens. This not only creates a feeling of depth but seems to guide the viewer through a gamut of emotions, challenging the imagination, yet unveiling the artist’s soul. Whether it be the capture of an elusive moment of light and mood in nature’s ever-changing realm or the adrenaline rush felt by a skier blasting through powder, the priceless expressions on the faces of children in an energetic composition or the simple flicker of a lace curtain in a summer morning breeze, her subjects are as varied as her interests but always exude her love of life. 89