Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 2 Number 6 - Page 84

Jackie Impey How often do you paint? How many hours a week? Not enough! How would you like to be remembered? As a happy and kind person. As an artist who paints exciting and bold works that inspire emotion. How do you know when a painting is finished? That’s tough. For me I just know! It’s tempting to overwork a painting. Sometimes you just have to stop! Do you have a favorite painting that you have collected by another artist? I love to collect street art when I travel. I have a print from NYC that is done on a city bike map that I adore. I also have an impressionist painting of Ponte Vecchio in Rome that is great. What is the most inspirational place you have visited to date? Cinque Terre, Italy. Incomprable! Where would you take your dream vacation? Greek Islands is on my list. What brings you the most joy in your life? My family. They are very supportive of my creative endeavors. I also love to travel and be outdoors on my bike or out in nature. If you could talk about art with a deceased master artist, who would it be? Monet or Van Gogh. jackieimpeyartist.com 84