Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 2 Number 6 - Page 73

Aldona Pivoriene www.apfoto.no The distinctive images she captures speak her unuttered words and give a glimpse into her sensitive and romantic soul. Today she has found her personal utopia in Norway, where her heart blooms with new passion fostered from her beloved childhood experiences. She admires the beauty of the mountains, fjords, forests, waterfalls and glaciers, describing it as a “never ending tale, and field of inspiration”. Aldona’s winter and Christmas collection reflect the special meaning of the season. The spirit of some of her favorite moments and motivations are silently communicated. One can almost smell the aroma of the holidays, which comes through her love of baking during the Christmas season. No matter your age, her work brings out both the inner child and the wisdom of the old. The joys of family, friends and togetherness, the magical, cozy feeling of decorating the Christmas tree while cookies are baking. The heartfelt contentment that comes from the simple things, like cutting paper snowflakes as warm, contagious laughter resonates the peaceful feeling of deeply shared love. Aldona’s memories of the season are dreamlike and so aptly reflected in her photographs. She captures the mystery, the silent calm, the still crispness of the winter landscape in a single moment frozen in time forever. She adores the sometimes wildly mingled tranquility that inspires the giddy child in her at the sight of the first snowflake. She treasures every second of the rare winter light, which is so perfect for her pictures. Undaunted and inspired by freezing cold, snowstorms, or simply the exhilaration of a serene crisp morning, you’ll find her capturing the season’s magic…that extraordinary atmosphere and mood that only winter can bestow. See more of Aldona’s photography at Aldona Pivoriene Photography (www.apfoto.no), view prints available on Fine Art America (www. fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-aldona-pivoriene.html?tab=artwork), and follow her on Instagram (@vintage133). 73