Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 2 Number 6 - Page 70

EXPOSED Ah, the intimate ambience of the season’s magic and mystery are intricately woven into the tapestry of one’s own being. Perhaps nothing captures the essence of winter and the spirit of Christmas in quite the mystical way Aldona Pivoriene does in her unique photography. Her gift comes from a deep and personal place of intrinsic inspiration where cherished winter and Christmas memories from the past intermingle with the present and come to life on her canvas. Her quiet spirit is naturally observant, expressing the depth of peaceful serenity through her lens. You can feel the mood of wintertide ebbing and flowing through her work. Her photography captures the many facets of unspoken sentiments, smells, sounds and colors of the wonderful places she adores. Aldona’s passion for photography was inspired at a young age in Lithuania. As a child, she was innately drawn to nature, in awe of its complexity, paralleled with life and yet so seemingly simple, fragile and breathtakingly beautiful. She explored the endless fields and forests surrounding her grandparent’s farm, yearning to experience every small and intimate detail, longing to share the tranquility with others in a quiet and peaceful form. In the following years, Aldona’s love of expression through photography has continued and grown as she pursued other studies and a conventional professional career. But her true love, her life, her freedom has always been anchored in her crea ]]Kܘ\H\\YBH[H[Z[[H\XX]\Hܝ[]B\H\\]Hܛ ܘB\˜\‚