Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 2 Number 6 - Page 158

Where ART Lives Gallery Members Santa Fe Studios Part II - Dawn Chandler “My studio is my heart and brain center, my life and soul center. This quiet space is a peaceful sanctuary for my muse in an increasingly noisy and fast, crazy world. Measuring about 14” x 16” with soaring ceilings, sky lights and built-in storage with a tiny little patio out the back door, my studio comprises fully one half of my small living space — a townhome loft deep in the heart of the old barrio section of Santa Fe. After living for five years way out of town in a house with no studio (I made due with a bedroom, as I had been doing in pretty much every house I’d lived in for the past 20 years) I found this place — quite to my amazement — on Craig’s List. I called within an hour of its listing, and went to look at it the next morning. Three others were there to look at it, too, for finding affordable living space in Santa Fe — let alone space with a real studio! — is close to impossible, what with the ‘occupancy rate’ of The City Different at 97%. When I walked into this space my eyes widened; my heart pounded. I had to have it. Somehow the stars aligned and I signed the lease that same day. Sure, I’d love a studio twice this size. But I learned a long time ago to work well with what I have. Even in space the size of a table place-setting, you can make great art. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with much more than that here, and not a day goes by without me feeling immense gratitude for this space — my creative sanctuary — deep in the heart of Santa Fe.” -Dawn Chandler taosdawn.com 158