Where ART Lives Magazine Volume 2 Number 6 - Page 121

In what town and state is your art studio located? I actually have three separate studios. I have a studio in Denver, across the hall from my gallery. This studio is where I pour my acrylic fluid paintings, primarily landscapes and seascapes. I also teach from that studio and host workshops by other artists there as well. I have two studios in my home in Centennial. A larger studio downstairs where I work on mixed media paintings, and a smaller oil painting studio upstairs. What is your favorite part about your studio? I think my favorite thing, honestly, is that since I now have a designated studio for each style of work I do, I stay excited.I love the variety of choices I have. All three studios, though very different, are lovely and inspiring. It is actually very fun to switch around between them, I am never bored, creativity stays fresh. Would you call your studio messy or neat? My pouring studio is very messy, because the process of pouring paint is extremely messy, which is another reason I love having multiple spaces. Once I pour, those pieces have to sit for days undisturbed, so there is not space there to switch to oil or mixed media. My mixed media studio is fairly neat, and organized. My five furry little friends love to be there with me, so there are two dog beds, and the floor is often littered with their toys and bones, but the workspace itself I keep tidy. My oil painting studio is very neat, and my supplies are stored in beautiful decorative containers, because that room doubles as a spare bedroom for guests. What do you do to set the creative mood in your studio before you begin creating art? I am big into ambiance, so music is critical. I love to play Italian or French music; sometimes I play worship music. Lately I am listening to a lot of instrumental Spanish guitar. It is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth!! In my home studios, I always burn a salted caramel candle- YUM! In two of my studios I have a little portable fireplace/heater, that can be set to flames only if heat is not needed, which makes for a really cozy, nurturing setting. I am a writer, so sometimes I begin with a time of meditation, reflection and writing. I nearly always pray over my work before I begin, for divine guidance. After all, God is the author and giver of creativity. Through these gifts, HE has given us a portion of himself. Think about it....HE created the very first canvas, magnificently painted it, and brought it to life!! 121