Wheel World News Issue 53 February - Page 16


Serving people with disabilities has always been something that was near and dear to my heart, as I grew up with uncle who has Down Syndrome and deaf; and a cousin who has Spina Bifida. There have always been so many misperceptions and stigmas related around people with disabilities and what they can do. It is exciting to be in the forefront of services proving those stigmas wrong not only to the general public but to the participants themselves. From working with this community, I have learned so much about resilience, intrinsic motivation, and grit. I get to see people work hard to accomplish new things every day, and sometimes it is something they never thought they could do or could never do again. I watch them get knocked down, just to get up again and try once more. My favorite part of my job is being able to watch my participants grow emotionally, physically and socially into more independent and integrated member of society.

-Sarah Lindvay

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