Wheel World News Issue 53 February - Page 15

February 2020


almost all year around. My love for the outdoors brought me to Daring Adventure. At Daring Adventures, I wear very many hats, as we are a staff of two and rely heavily on our AWESOME volunteers for programming. Primarily, I implement a variety of inclusive recreation services in schools, the community, and the BEAUTIFUL outdoors. Some of the programs that I get to implement are: hiking, cycling, kayaking, camping, sled hockey, river rafting, leisure education, and inclusive recreation.

My favorite program to implement is leisure education and inclusive recreation to students with and without disabilities. I really enjoy getting to teach children at a young age that we are all different and everyone does things differently, and that’s okay. There is nothing better than teaching students how to be inclusive, and then watching them assist their peers and make adaptations to games so that everyone can be involved.

Daring Adventures provides access for all to recreate and use public lands such as parks, trails, and lakes. We empower people to take risk and accept new challenges. We also transform lives through self-empowerment and confidence.

This community has brought so much joy to my heart. I consider my participant as part of my family, as they have taught me so much about myself and life through their experiences and stories. I have gotten to meet so many kind, non-judgmental people that are all beautiful in their own way that have shared their stories of personal growth and allowed me to be a part of that.

Through them have learned the following lessons:

1. SLOW DOWN, and enjoy the simple things in life.

2. Everything is possible.

3. Success looks different for everyone.

4. Being different is a opportunity