Wheel World News Issue 46 July - Page 10


drastically. I have had to adapt and modify things in my home and in my shop. I have had to make custom work benches and build lifts to pick up heavy things from the ground. Daily things like making sure I have enough catheters on me when I leave the house for work is about the extent of it.

My advice to someone who is newly injured is to go out and do likewise! Go out and try things, there are adaptations for pretty much anything anyone would want to do. And, if by chance there isn’t, MAKE IT. Life is not over after an SCI. The things you loved to do before are still available. For me, soccer wasn’t an option to play anymore, but I was able to coach and teach others how to play. I was still involved, in a manor.

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-Domonic Corradin

Intern. I was hired back in February of 2019 to help update and expand the accessibility of the entire Parks system from their facilities to their trails and even events and programs presented at the parks.

The only notable challenge I really have had to face over the years has just been what new adventure I want to take on. I have traveled all over the United States and have been to 19 other countries around the world. I have been able to play any sport and try pretty much everything I have ever wanted to do. I have raced cars, rode dirt bikes and motorcycles, even built custom, classic trucks and cars.

Day to day, my injury added more planning and thought into a day, but for the most part things didn't change