What's up ici? Issue 7 - Page 7

7.- Today your father has argued with his sister (your aunt) because they have to take care of their parents (your grandparents) ... and your father says that it would be better for her to do it because it is more natural for daughters to do that ... what do you think?

a) You’re a bit ashamed that your father thinks like that and you don’t understand why he says that ... Aren’t they both their children? ... If both were taken care of as children, why does your aunt have to do it alone now? Why not do it together?

b) You understand why your father says that ... women are more caring and know what to do when someone is ill ... besides your father is a disaster for that ... and your aunt is a doting mother!

c) You think it's true that your father, like all men is worse than your aunt at taking care of your grandparents ... but the truth is that your father could try to... And so you could enjoy more the company of your grandparents!

8.-You and your friends are having fun when you see an acquaintance with a colleague who is crying because they have taken another friend to hospital ... then, the guys in the group tell the girls to come and comfort them, as according to them girls are better at doing that... What do you say?

a) Bah! ... Manu for example is very sensitive and you are much better than Almudena at listening to people... but people have always said girls are better at caring and understanding... and if they say that ... it must be true, right?

b) That’s just bullshit ... it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a boy ... it all depends on

how to listen and support people ... and for example you’re a cool guy who’s really good at comforting people!

c) That they are right, cause everybody knows girls are more sensitive and patient by nature...

9.- The whole family goes in the car and suddenly, after the sound of a braking, you hear someone scream ... I knew you were a woman! ...You are a dead loss at driving and you are continuously causing accidents! ... What do you think?

a) You also start screaming through the window ...Women driving, constant danger!

b) That the guy who has shouted doesn’t know that driving better or worse depends

on the confidence and experience you have ...not on whether you're a woman or a man, besides, women have fewer traffic accidents.

c) You tell your family that in this case, you have seen it and the one who’s wrong is the guy shouting, but it's fun to see the guy screaming.

10.-A classmate tells you that you are a male-chauvinist. What do you do?

a) At first you take offence but you reflect about it and think it may be true, because of the education you have been given, and you would like to stop being like this. You ask him why he has said that and you talk about it.

b) You insult him by telling him that he is a feminist and that you don’t want to be a tomboy, that you are "super feminine" and what happens is that he is too sentimental

c) You tell him to leave you alone but you’re worried about his remark ... you thought only men could be sexist ...but maybe he’s got a point.

11.-You listen to your father saying that he helps a lot at home, that he does the washing-up and sometimes does the shopping. What do you think?

a) That you would not boast of that ... it is ok that your mother demands help, but your father now looks like a wimp.

b) The poor man is trying ... and the truth is that he is good at washing up ... Besides, we always have pizza with him!

c) You don’t understand why he says he "helps" if both work outside the home and should share the tasks equally ... that would be a reason to show off!

12.- You are watching TV and the slogan of an advert says "... because for a man, a fragile woman has a special charm! ..." What do you think?

a) You get pissed off at this kind of old-fashioned ads that keep reproducing that idea of the overprotective and paternalistic man and the weak and fragile women to protect ... you decide to report it!

b) You like the ad ... your boy loves to tell you that you are his "treasure" to protect, care and guard against all dangers ... and you like to feel "his girl" .

c) You think nothing... advertising is always like that and will continue to be ... exaggerating things so you buy more ... you could not care less about it!