What's up ici? Issue 7 - Page 6


1.- You meet a girl from Tuenti and after a while you find some colleagues. You drink something together and when you are about to pay she says she invites you. What do you do?

a) No way!. Here’s another feminist. A girl cannot invite you and even less in front

of your colleagues. What will they think of me?

b) You tell her it's ok, and you thank her. You think she invites you probably because he wants to flirt with you.

c) You agree, but you insist on inviting her at the next bar.

2.- It's your mother's birthday and you want to buy her a gift. What do you do?

a) You buy her a “Vaporetto” (vacuum cleaner) so that she’s not so stressed, and as it costs a fortune your father also collaborates.

b) You buy her the perfume she normally uses ... it's practical and it's not something for the house!

c) You buy her a session in a spa with bath and massage, because you know she loves it.

3.-A colleague tells you that he finds it difficult to talk openly about his feelings with other boys, that he’s afraid they think he is gay. What do you say?

a) It is true that boys are less sensitive and do not go around talking about what they feel. If he does so, they'll think he's a fag. You advise him to be more discreet.

b) He must dare to be himself no matter what they say ... that the sentence “the boys don’t cry” is bullshit ... expressing what you feel is positive for everyone!

c) Everyone is different ... but it is true that boys are considered a sissy if they talk about their feelings. You recommend talking only with girls.

4.-A friend tells you a macho joke. What do you do?

a) You laugh and you tell another.

b) You laugh and tell him that he has gone too far.

c) You tell him that you don’t like those "prehistoric jokes" and that there are issues that you do not joke about.

5.-You are at home watching the news and you learn that a judge has acquitted a man from the crime of rape because the victim was wearing jeans and they are difficult to take off ... What do you think?

a) You’re amazed at the news and you are outraged ...so now if you wear a miniskirt you're giving a reason to be raped? ... These people are nuts or have no idea what a violation is!

b) It does not seem right the judge has freed him but if it’s the judge’s decision... it's still true that jeans are difficult to remove by force ...

c) It seems true that taking off a pair of jeans needs collaboration, so ...also, considering how some girls are dressed... it seems they’re asking for it!

6.- Your father tells you that he has met the new management team of his company today and that his boss, the General Director, is a woman ... What do you think?

a) It seems great that they have changed the old boss at your father's work, maybe now she will start to value him more and finally raise his salary. You don’t care if it’s a man or a woman.

b) You are a little embarrassed to know that your father’s boss is a woman, you think that women should not be in charge of business or politics, that they are better off doing other things, such as being a mother or a good housewife.

c) You’re surprised that there is a woman in that position, her "different vision" of work might be cool. Will she be beautiful?