What's up ici? Issue 7 - Page 5

13.-You are at home watching the news and you learn that a judge has acquitted a man from the crime of rape because the victim was wearing jeans and they are difficult to take off ... What do you think?

a) It does not seem right the judge has freed him but if it’s the judge’s decision... it's still true that jeans are difficult to remove by force ...

b) You’re amazed at the news and you are outraged ...so now if you wear a miniskirt you're giving a reason to be raped? ... These people are nuts or have no idea what a violation is!

c) It seems true that taking off a pair of jeans needs collaboration, so ...also, considering how some girls are dressed... it seems they’re asking for it!

14.-Your parents are showing off in front of your colleagues’ parents on how good you are at

helping in the kitchen and cleaning the bathroom in comparison with your brother ...

What do you do?

a) You feel a bit ashamed and you smile saying that your mother has taught you all that ... Of course, you don’t like at all your brother has to do fewer things at home than you just because he’s a boy...

b) You smile and joke saying "you know that boys are a disaster for these things ". It’s cool your friends say that you are "a good catch" because "you're quite a woman."

c) You seize the opportunity to tell them that if your brother is not good at doing housework chores, that’s because he is not required to do them for being a boy and that's unfair ... Yet, you are happy to know how to do housework yourself as that will help you be an independent woman in the future.

15.-At a family meal your grandparents say that "the most important thing in life for a woman is to be a mother and that's why the best place for women is at home with their family ... what do you say?

a) Well ...your grandparents are partially right... No one knows better than women how to take care of children ... it is also true that sometimes women who work outside the home leave the family unattended ...

b) Well, logically, your grandparents have very old ideas ... the main role of a woman doesn’t have to be a mother ... also, what about fathers? ... You love the fact that you have also

been educated and raised by your father!

c) You prefer not to comment on that topic ... you only care about having your mother whenever you need her ... the rest doesn’t matter.


From -15 to 0

Hey girl! You’re sexist!!

You may not even be aware, but you are reproducing a lot of sexist stereotypes. You have prehistoric ideas that neither your grandmother would have! Don’t be surprised that sometimes they look strangely at you ... But don’t worry, you are still recoverable.... Still many women are like you, ... due to an instinct of conservation, by mistake, due to education, comfort or because they’re allowed to talk on TV ... the fact is that a model with such negative and traditional ideas of the femininity and masculinity of 10,000 years ago is perpetuated, which clashes with the struggle for equality that we defend today ...

Don’t you think it's time to change?

From 0 to 10

Ok, you're on it but ...

You don’t give a damn about this topic! ... it’s clear that when you hear or see comments and sexist attitudes you feel uncomfortable, although you don’t know how to act, it seems you still have doubts about it ... You can tell you're on it, that you want to stop being sexist but you still have to work hard about it ... it seems you are afraid to take a stance when defending equality! ... It is sometimes difficult, but you have to be brave and leave those archaic traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity behind... Be brave, you’re not alone, there are many who have dared to change and now they are much happier and free!

10 to 15

Congratulations! ... you have very clear opinions…

You can not stand the sexist people who defend a type of girl shaped by centuries of arrogance and domination ... It seems unfair that even in the 21st century we continue to sell the idea of a patriarchal society in which, often in a very subtle way, women continue having a role of submission, obedience, passivity, sexual object, ... That prehistoric ideal of girl collides with the struggle for equality that you defend at all costs. Hurray for feminism!, hurray for fighting for a fairer world, where women have the same rights as men and can therefore develop as individuals ... You are a girl who has clear ideas and dares to break the traditional sexist model, who knows she’s much more than a body, who is not looking for a Prince Charming to save, protect or maintain her...