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Are you sexist?

Feminist, Egalitarian, male-chauvinist? Do you fall into one of those categories? We have tried out this quiz in Spain, Italy and Turkey to find out how sexist our students are, and the results have been concluding. Boys keep having a slight bias towards the second concept while girls are

clearly feminist. The good news is none of them fall into male-chauvinism!!

GIRLS' average score = 13.5 // BOYS' average score = 10.3

Find out about yourself!


1.- You go down the street and notice how a man looks at you with impudence, he smiles at you and he says "pretty" ... How do you feel?

a) It's disgusting that some guys feel entitled to comment on your body. You give him a dirty look.

b) You feel flattered and you smile back. He has just made your day.

c) You feel ashamed and look the other way. You know how boys are ... but deep inside you’re thrilled.

2.- Your little sister tells you that her "prince Charming" must be one who has a lot of money so that she needn’t work, who protects her from all the dangers and who is faithful to her above all ... What do you tell her?

a) It’ll never happen as there are very few of them. But as she is beautiful and good she will find it. Of course, to retain him, she will have to sacrifice things!

b) You flip out with your sister and decide that she needs an urgent talk! You explain that she has to be an autonomous and confident woman and that the most important thing is love and mutual respect.

c) Although they earn more, today women also work ... being faithful is more difficult… you know how boys are.

3.-Your mother has a very good opportunity to improve her work, but that means having less time to be at home and dedicate less time to herself. What do you think?

a) The decision is hers, if dad doesn’t mind and it makes her happy. Anyway you do not plan to do more housework…

b) You’re happy. It is her decision and the whole family will support her because it is important for her ... You’ll have to do more housework, but you don’t mind.

c) You don’t understand, your father earns enough and she could stay at home to look after you and your siblings ... besides, being the girl, you’ll have to do all the housework.

4.- You're watching a movie on TV. In the final scene the main character asks the girl to leave everything for him, but she doesn’t want to give up her whole life to follow him. What you think?

a) That he should insist more. If the girl truly loved him, she would leave everything for him.

b) It seems wrong for you to ask someone else to give up your whole life ... such an important decision has to come from yourself!

c) He is right to want to take her, but it is her decision. In addition, it must be difficult to leave everything suddenly

5.- Your father tells you that he has met the new management team of his company today and that his boss, the General Director, is a woman ... What do you think?

a) It seems great that they have changed the old boss at your father's work, maybe now she will start to value him more and finally raise his salary. You don’t care if it’s a man or a woman.

b) You are a little embarrassed to know that your father’s boss is a woman, you think that women should not be in charge of business or politics, that they are better off doing other things, such as being a mother or a good housewife.

c) You’re surprised that there is a woman in that position, her "different vision" of work might be cool. Will she be beautiful?

6.-A friend tells you a macho joke. What do you do?

a) You laugh and you tell another.

b) You laugh and tell him that he has gone too far.

c) You tell him that you don’t like those "prehistoric jokes" and that there are issues that you do not joke about