What's up ici? Issue 7 - Page 25




One more school year has just finished and most of you are happy and satisfied because of your good marks. It was a particularly busy time for those students of 4 ESO and 1 Bachillerato who took part in the PIIISA project. They have been cooperating with different research teams who work at the University of Granada. This way they got in touch with the fascinating and hectic academic atmosphere. They helped carry out some research on social analysis, teenagers’ values, musical education, 3D documentation, cultural landscapes and the influence of the Bible in the 21st century. The experience was very interesting for Cristina Gordo, as her own words show:

“This is my second time in PIIISA and I am glad to say that it is an amazing experience where you can meet a lot of people and get used to university life. During my time there I have learnt how to work in team or how to interact with street people to make an interview. Definitely, if I have to highlight something, it would be the big amount of good friends I have made. I recommend this experience to all students.”

Cristina Gordo Jiménez