What's up ici? Issue 4 - Page 9


yes, you left me in the same place

at the same time

same channel again

I’m getting used to waiting one more time

you took away another page

a chapter that will never end

an empty story that misses its end

I can be the one who’s always left behind

I can wait for you a long long time

got me out of myself

and you stayed for too long

you left my heart so strange, and very lonely

you got to move away, you lost my love along

the way

you left my soul so strange, so strange

we managed to go up and down

it was so much fun, so special to me

we invented the rhythm we want to dance

and now I wake up

with a broken dream

you left me without the other half

I want to but I can not

I can be the one who’s always left behind

I'm the one who doesn't want to stay