What's up ici? Issue 4 - Page 11


Trip to London


At first the idea of taking almost 100 students to London was a bit scary, who could imagine such a huge amount of teenagers moving around the city?? We knew it wouldn’t be an easy job but eventually and fortunately everything went well!!

We set off for our journey on 14th April, everyone was worried about the correct size of the baggage not to be fined by the airline, hundreds of whatsapp texts asking their teacher things like:

“Maestraaa, ¿se puede llevar embutido en la maleta?”

“Maestraaa, que mi madre dice que no se puede meter comida”

“Maestraaa, ¿puedo meter la play en la maleta?”

“Maestraaa, te mando una foto de mi maleta, ¿vale o no vale?”

“Maestraaa, ponnos otra vez las medidas que se permiten”


For some of the students it was the first flight ever and some of them were really excited.

We finally arrived at Stansted Airport at about 14:00 and then we were taken to the hotel by bus. One more hour and we were already in our rooms. The hotel was much better than expected as we had seen some terrible reviews on “booking.com” and we thought the hotel was falling to pieces.

That evening we went for a walk around London, and saw the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Piccadilly Circus, we were fascinated by the magnificence of the popular Big Ben and the height of the wheel, from which you have breathtaking views of the city.

The next day we visited the Natural History Museum and the British Museum, where we greeted the gorgeous mummies…terrifying!!

Our adventures in the London tube will be remembered for ever, especially when we lost a student that wasn’t lost! That was even more terrifying than the mummies!!

We also went to a musical in West End, “Stomp”, where we were delighted

by the noise made by six guys using brooms, kitchen sinks, lighters. and

objects you would have never imagined.

It was an unforgettable trip we will always remember.