What's up ici? Issue 3 - Page 16


On 9th December we, the classes of 2nd E.S.O., took a trip to the Caja Granada Museum. We saw an exhibition of Spanish modern art and another interactive exhibition on al-Andalus.

In the first exhibition, a guide showed and explained different paintings and sculptures by famous artists, such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró or Antonio Gaudí.

The most interesting sculpture was “Femme debout”, by Pablo Picasso:


After that, we went to a park to take a break and eat. The park has got a lot of swings.

Finally, we had the “Tour of al-Alandalus”, in English. What we liked most were the digital screens with sensors. It was the most fun because it was interactive. You could move everything from the distance using your arms.There was also a very long table on which there were models and samples of the culture, the tools and the architecture. You could touch everything.

The guide was very kind and taught us a lot of different things.

We had a great time on this tour. It was one of the best and most educational of our life.