What's up ici? Issue 2 - Page 8

A Friendly Fall...


Materials By Alba Moreno end Noelia Martín

-Red nail polish

-White nail polish

-Brown nail polish

-Black nail polish



1º- You have to paint all yours nails red, paint the middle finger white.

2º- Pick the toothpick and draw a brown semicircle in the middle finger, that occuping more or less half of the nail and above, draw a simple reindeer's anther.

3º- With the toothpick draw two white circles (the will be the reindeer's eyes). Inside the semicircle, in each white circle, draw a black point, smaller than the whilte circles. Under the eyes, draw a red circle (it will be the nose).

4º- In the baby and the index fingers, draw snowflakes, for this, take the toothpick and with white nail polish, drawb a cross, into this, other smaller cross. Make two small twings to every post to make the shape of a snowflake.

Nails art

By Imán Pino and Mª José Benavides 3º E