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-A racing motorcycle is developed for use in motorcycling competitions . According to the discipline and category, motorcycle racing may be based on a street motorcycle, or may have been developed specifically for racing.

-A Cross motorcycle racing is a motorcycle designed for big jumps and arid land.These motorcycles have suspensions with more travel than other types of motorcycles for greater softness in the jumps and better stability in difficult terrain (soil, mud, etc).These types of motorcycle are competitive because of their purpose, have a very powerful engine of 4T (times) or 2T, the first 2T were motocross motorcycles in most of its air cooled cylinder capacities .

They are manufactured from 50cc up to 450cc. They are motorcycles that are not approved for use on the streets.

-A Road motorcycle is a suitable bike for road use and road motorcycling is a sport motorcycle that combines motocross and trial and disputes with off-road motorcycles.There are two types of off-road motorcycles . The enduro is a specialty recognized by the International Motorcycling Federation .Rally raid is a long race in which drivers must travel long distances by combining speed and navigation.

-The Trial motorcycling is a discipline in which pilots must overcome obstacles without touching the ground with the body or falling. Essential skills are balance and planning of movements to advance in the route.This discipline is popular in Spain, particularly in Catalonia and the United Kingdom.Trial motorcycles are lighter, have no seat, tyres are more deflated and the suspension travel is shorter.

Rafael Arco, Álvaro Luna, Raúl Gómez and Ignacio Jiménez