What's Up Downunder Digital 2015 Quarterly No. 2 June Issue - Page 4

EDITOR'S LETTER G'Day! Feeling a bit of the wintery chill? The cold weather sapping your strength and enthusiasm? Then it is time to start thinking about spring. I think spring is one of the most enjoyable times of year. Everyone and everything suddenly just seems to wake up and bounce around. That’s spring! And the best way to get through the winter chill is to start planning your next holiday. We have a few ideas here for you and some great products to help you on your way. You can already start feeling the warmth of the sun just thinking about it, can’t you? Alison Huth PUBLISHER/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Warren Parrôt - warren@whatsupdownunder.com.au EDITOR Alison Huth – alison@whatsupdownunder.com.au HOSTS Terry Rogers, Angie Hilton, Marty Ayles ASSISTANT EDITOR: Mel Henwood – mel@whatsupdownunder.com.au SPECIAL THANKS Anthony Hayden, Rick Maya, Rick O’Brien ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Allan Goldby – allan@whatsupdownunder.com.au Barry Salisbury – barry@whatsupdownunder.com.au 04 MARKETING Ben Hadley – ben@whatsupdownunder.com.au www.whatsupdownunder.com.au