What's Up Downunder Digital 2015 Quarterly No. 2 June Issue - Page 37

Has your caravan gone on holidays ...without you? Has your caravan been stolen or perhaps someone you know had their caravan or RV stolen? The Stolen Caravan Registry has been set up as a FREE SERVICE for caravan manufacturers, caravan dealers and the general caravanning public to access in the unfortunate event that their caravan or RV has been stolen Register today! Register your stolen caravan or RV today and get the eyes and ears of Australia looking out for your prized possession. Post your details today in order to help those people wanting to buy a caravan or RV tomorrow. This will also assist Caravan Dealers who accept trade-ins and help them to avoid purchasing stolen property. Follow us on facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Stolen-Caravan-Registry www.stolencaravanregistry.com.au