What's Up Downunder Digital 2015 Quarterly No. 2 June Issue - Page 34

REGULAR G&S Chassis The name under your caravan! G&S Chassis have been making chassis since 1975. When you have been around that long, you have to be good – and they are. This family business believes in innovation and constant improvement in their product. Staying the same is not an option! Using modern technology plus traditional hand-built craftsmanship they design, engineer and build steel and aluminium trailer bases for mobile homes, 34 portable structures, base telecommunication shelters and, of course, caravan chassis’. Every G&S Chassis is assembled in Australia using high-spec components engineered in-house or by specialist manufacturers to G&S Chassis’ exacting standards. Steel chassis are available in either painted or galvanised finish. A notable innovation is the new, lighter-weight, tested and certified aluminium chassis. Chassis are physically tested to ensure compliance with Australian Design Rules. Exacting engineering calculations confirm chassis and drawbar strength and fatigue resistance. All design verification activities are performed by and under the direction of their chartered professional engineer. Every single G&S chassis has safety and dependabilit H