What's Up Downunder Digital 2015 Quarterly No. 2 June Issue - Page 32

PRODUCTS How big is the biggest RV DTV? They just got bigger! Camec has launched its latest Digital TV on the market. It is the RVMedia 32” DTV which is packed full of options and benefits you won’t find in most RV Digital TVs: * Coated PCB ensures it can go anywhere * Full HD Resolution, HD Digital Tuner, HDMI/USB/VGA and PC Audio inputs * 12/24Volt power supply, to cope with the voltage fluctuations from using a combination of batteries, chargers and solar. * 240V power supply makes it ideal for home and RV use * Quick Tune (QT) button, one press and it retunes to the local stations! HOT LINKS HOT LINKS 32 WEBSITE WEBSITE PRODUCT WEBSITE