What's Up Downunder Digital 2015 Quarterly No. 2 June Issue - Page 26

RV REVIEW Crusader Caravans Family Getabout One size does not fit all Crusader Caravans know that matching the right caravan to the right family is extremely important. And they also know that one size or layout, simply does not fit all families. Everyone has their own wants and needs. It takes a lot of work to get it 26 right, and Crusader Caravans put a lot of work into just that – getting it right. The Family Getabout is a very special caravan, it has choices in size, layout, beds, even where you put the kitchen sink! All of this is worked out with you when you are making those big decisions. Do you want a particular colour in your Family Getabout? Is there something that would make a layout really work for you? Maybe the table needs to be a bit bigger for those all-important family times. Crusader