What's Up Downunder Digital 2015 Quarterly No. 2 June Issue - Page 10

TRAVEL Albany WA Whales, wars and water Albany is a beautiful town in the Great Southern region of WA. The HM Brig Amity was sent from NSW in November 1826 with 20 soldiers, 23 convicts and six months supplies to establish the first settlement. Actually is was a military outpost for NSW to stop the French planting their flag there. Today the HM Brig Amity is proudly displayed with a small historical village close by. It is worth a visit just to see the conditions on board. Be prepared to bend down or hit your head! And see if you can work out how the soldiers, convicts and crew could fit on her. Click here to see today’s ‘whaling’ For more information on whaling in Albany. CLICK HERE 10