What's Next Now issue#3 - June 2016 - Page 4

We should also like to share with our community that the amalgamation process of LWIS-Valley International School (LWIS-ViS) and LWIS Hazmieh at the Hazmieh campus for the upcoming academic year 2016-2017, is in its final phase. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the LWIS-Valley International School (LWIS-ViS) community for embracing and accepting change. The LWIS Network BOT is grateful for your trust and dedication. Rest assured that this summer will be an extremely busy summer for us to make sure that the move is a smooth one for all involved.

The LWIS Network BOT strives to make sure that each member of its staff feels that he/she is an integral part of a larger whole. We believe that our annual LWIS Staff Retreat is a source of great unity and inspiration as well as a vehicle to give credit and recognition to our hardworking and dedicated staff and faculty. Spending time together in a way that is fun, relaxed and reflective can be nourishing as well as productive. This year, our 5th annual LWIS Staff Retreat was held on May 13th at Ehden Country Club in Ehden where around 360 members of staff enjoyed various activities including a BBQ around a campfire.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, we would like to wish our Muslim community a Ramadan Kareem and a Happy Fitr.

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In addition, we encourage you to go through the pages of this newsletter and read about our schools’ events.

We wish you a relaxing and peaceful summer, and we look forward to a new academic year filled with fun, adventure and new experiences.


Roula Rustom

BOT Member

SDC-LWIS Network