What Work Cambridgeshire and Rutland 2016 - Page 6

What Work Cambridgeshire & Rutland 2016 What is changing? How can it affect jobs? Think about it! Which job areas will be important? New technology is being developed all the time. New technology is the main reason for old jobs disappearing. Self-service machines. Robots on production lines. Greater demand for people with IT, electrical and engineering skills to fix them and develop new ones. Electronics Design engineering Creative and media ICT and big data Aerospace Cyber security People are living longer. People will need more health care and social care. More care, health and social workers needed to look after them. Demand for more drugs research. Health care Social care Bioscience Pharmacology Leisure The skills of people around the world are improving. There is more competition from the rest of the world. China and Japan both have more than twice as many graduates as the UK1. Competitive apprenticeship programmes in Germany. Education Science Engineering Creative and media (including gaming) Manufacturing ICT Finance We must take more care of the environment. More research into saving energy and developing greener technologies. If we all start driving electric cars we’ll need skilled mechanics to maintain them. Engineering including motor vehicle Chemical processing Recycling Agriculture Energy and utilities Innovation People are thinking carefully how they spend their money, especially on their wellbeing. Demand for services such as catering, fitness, health spas and gaming. Some farms are turning to tourism on top of farming. More overseas visitors. More hotels offering spa facilities. Health and beauty Sport and leisure Hospitality and tourism Creative and media Sales and marketing What is STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. Employers value the skills you develop in STEM subjects and careers. Why? Because there are going to be more skilled jobs availa