What Work Cambridgeshire and Rutland 2016 - Page 31

Information and guidance for young people aged 13-19 Looking for work if you’re disabled If a job advert or application form displays the ‘positive about disabled people’ symbol, you’ll be guaranteed an interview if you meet the basic conditions for the job. It means the employer is committed to employing disabled people. If you need support before you start to apply for jobs, a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at your local Jobcentre can help you gain skills, give support and advice on any funding that might be available. You may be able to access a supported internship which can help you gain employment in the future. When to disclose a disability You don’t have to legally tell an employer that you have a disability and an employer isn’t normally allowed to ask you questions about your health or disability before they offer you a job. For more advice go to www.gov.uk or www.disabilityrightsuk.org Stay informed! National Careers Service website Our local pages on the National Careers Service website can help you to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your local area. You’ll find information on the local job market such as: ® »» the sectors where skilled people are in demand »» which employers are taking on new staff or setting up new businesses »» local jobs and careers events Search online for National Careers Service > Careers advice > In your local area 0800 100 900 29