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Information and guidance for young people aged 13-19 Writing your CV Keep it brief and to the point – no more than two pages of A4. 33 Use a computer, use the same font throughout and use clear headings. 33 Write your current position or qualification first and work backwards. 33 Include any achievements or courses you’ve been on outside of school (for example, passing music exams, getting a driving licence, getting a first aid certificate or doing voluntary work). 33 Include a covering letter with your CV. 33 Read through the CV before you send it off, checking for any mistakes. 33 Make a copy – you may need to use it again and it will be easier to update. Julie  Jon   Te  01010 l:  01799  123  A Address: 1  Email:   nother   es   Julie.jone Street,  A s@emai nyto l.com   5  0XX wn,  AA1   ication   commun e  good   roblem   ent.  I  hav p   em nd ag a ing   nts  man  organis .   r  in  eve orkplace e.  I  enjoy  a  caree  in  the  w  to  peopl king  for   creativity oy  talking ho  is  loo y   w nj m e     n   I   se so u  per r  and e  to   ye ng bl ki la a p   e   or b m ardw d  tea  like  to   I  am  a  h me  a  goo  I  would ake   ch  make   e  shows. ty,  can  m xperienc skills  whi erience   ponsibili ork  exp y  work  e w m   e  on  res s   ng a g   di d  to  tak inclu solvin re s   ie pa lit re ion    p  qua that  I  am organisat ative.   skills  and e  good   showing   ments,   o  be  cre that  I  hav agazine   nd   hance  t Achieve g   m a c       in ge ng w he t   le ni ho ed ’  s f  my  col  by  desig .  I  enjoy bake-­‐off  editor  o nd  staff eadlines ising  a  ‘ arents  a • I  was ork  to  d y  organ pupils,  p chool  b s  and  w  people   vent  to   or  the  s e f decision   s   se hi t ting  new ai   undr romoted ities,  mee ped  to  f .  I  also  p opean  c lls ur • I  hel ki E   s al k   m-­‐wor o  sever  the   and  tea velled  t er.   rnt  about stra  I  tra ing  a  fly her.  I   here  I  lea nty  orche distribut azine  w ine  toget ag az f  the  cou m   o ag r   al m   oc be a  mem  to  put   ent.    with  a  l • As  a ent  was  and  how commitm m ks g   ce in or la w w p   ng and  sho erience    publishi work  exp  desktop school.   Year  10   ines,  how inished   • My    of  deadl after  I  f t   ce en an rt m impo rt  place ho s   a    for returned Educatio n   2011-­‐201 Get more advice on CV writing and job hunting on the National Careers Service website. East  Col 3   lege,  Any town   rade  B   A  level  G   rade  B     A  level  G Media     dies rade  B   G tu   s   el ss ev l A   Busine phy     ra wn   og ot Ph l,  Anyto ld  Schoo Sandfie 1   01 -­‐2   B 06   20 de GCSE  Gra   de  B       GCSE  Gra English     de  B     ra gy GCSE  G Psycholo   de  B     GCSE  Gra ICT     de  B      design   GCSE  Gra Art  and       Grade  B hy E   ap CS gr G Geo       Grade  C  Studies E   ss CS ne G si Bu   de  C     GCSE  Gra Maths     de  D   and     tomers   GCSE  Gra Biology   ving  cus       ressure.   oney,  ser  Funpark aking  m French    under  p t de ng d   si ki ve er or ol Wat ed  w s  inv   hi   oy T   ry nj s. e   to I   oliday es  and ment  his  in  the  h y  at  tim Employ nds  and very  bus at  weeke .  It  was   the  cafe   hygiene n   d   i d   oo f f   ke o   I  wor rtance  the  impo learning equest   ble  on  r ila va a es   Referenc   25