What Work Cambridgeshire and Rutland 2016 - Page 23

Information and guidance for young people aged 13-19 Looking for work You’ll find permanent, temporary, seasonal and part-time vacancies in lots of places: Apprenticeships You can search for local apprenticeship vacancies on the National Apprenticeship Service website www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship as well as learning more about the Apprenticeship programme. Careers and job centres Jobcentre Plus centres have many local job opportunities, some of which may be suitable for you. Or you may have a MyGo centre in your area. Newspapers and magazines Local newspapers are a good source of job vacancies. National newspapers carry some trainee roles and have online job searching too. Recruitment agencies A recruitment agency will look at your skills and experience and then match you to a suitable job which may be a temporary or permanent position. Use the websites on the inside cover to search for local and approved agencies. Want to know more about apprenticeships? • Ask your careers adviser. • Phone 08000 150 600 for a free information pack. Social media and the internet The internet is a great source of job vacancies. Most companies have their own website which often has a careers or jobs section. Lots of companies also advertise positions through social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Or try a job search site which allows you to search within a particular work area or location. The Useful Websites page has some examples of popular job search sites. A bit of local knowledge... Next time you’re in a shop look on the walls around you. Shops, cafes and other businesses sometimes advertise positions within the shop itself. Find out how you can apply by asking someone. As well as the shops and businesses in your local high street, there will probably be business or industrial parks near you. Find out if a company near you is hiring. Ask around Family and friends are often a good source of knowledge. They might have a vacancy going at their workplace that would suit you. Don’t be shy – let them know you’re looking! • Check out the Apprenticeships website www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship 21