What Work Cambridgeshire and Rutland 2016 - Page 18

What Work Cambridgeshire & Rutland 2016 Skills, skills, skills As well as qualifications, employers also look for the skills people have when they’re applying for jobs. Here are some of the skills that employers are most looking for from you: Nine out of 10 new jobs today require some level of IT skills.1 Skills like these are called employability or transferable skills because you can use them in many different types of jobs. How can I show that I’ve got these skills? Communication and literacy Speak up! Join in with discussions, express your opinions thoughtfully, but also listen to what others have to say. If you’ve done a presentation at school, explain how you presented it clearly and why. Team working Good proof of teamwork is having taken part in a team sport, drama production or other activity. This might be within school or in your own time. Show that you can get on well with others, value their opinions and communicate well in order to complete a team task. 16 1 e-skills