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What Work Cambridgeshire & Rutland 2016 TOURISM, CREATIVE AND CULTURE A career in tourism or hospitality can be very rewarding. If you like meeting people, are enthusiastic and organised then it could be for you. There are plenty of entry level jobs from which you can move quickly up the career ladder to a management position and better earning potential! Where could you work? How about a beachfront cafe, international hotel chain, cruise ship, conference centre, airline, water park, exclusive restaurant, travel agent or as a tour guide... take your pick! What is happening? Skills & qualities • One in 14 people in UK work in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism; nearly half of them work part time1. • UK accommodation, food and beverage services need almost 524,000 more staff by 20202. • Around 25,500 people are employed in catering and accommodation across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Rutland3 with hotspots in Rutland and Cambridge. Useful subjects • Shortage of chefs (11,000 needed over next seven years) and managers4. • Holiday parks, hostels and restaurants are growing. Fast food chains such as Subway and Greggs are expanding. • Demand for people with business and management skills. Also foreign languages. Local employers • Number of travel agencies reporting hard-to-fill vacancies has tripled over last two years despite drop in number of employers. Sought after skills include job specific, customer handling, organisation, planning and problem solving. New apprenticeships will help bring new skilled staff to sector5. • Cambridge Corn • Hotels and Exchange restaurants • Number of tourists visiting the area is growing: attractions include Ely Cathedral, Rutland Water, Nene Valley Railway and the Cambridge Folk Festival. Tourism is a significant On the web employer in www.careerscope.uk.net Rutland. www.skillset.org/careers http://hospitalityguild.co.uk www.bigambition.co.uk www.creative-choices.co.uk 12 • Rutland Water Park • National Trust • Hamerton Zoo • Major sporting venues • Peterborough Arena • Various travel agents What could you earn?* Bar manager £19,100 Graphic designer £25,500 Chef £18,700 Travel agent £18,800 Conference manager £25,400 Waiting staff £12,500 1, 2 ,4 & 5 People1st 3 Business Register and Employment Survey 2014 * Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2014. Average full-time (median) salary rounded to the nearest £100. Doesn’t include self employed