What Work Cambridgeshire and Rutland 2016 - Page 13

Information and guidance for young people aged 13-19 BUSINESS, FINANCE AND CUSTOMER SERVICES The biggest and best companies in this sector are looking for people with high motivation and enthusiasm. Some jobs within finance and business demand commitment, long hours and hard work but the effort can be rewarding. Other roles require a high level of customer service and sometimes shift work. What is happening? Skills & qualities • Finance and business is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK and by far the biggest in Peterborough supporting around one quarter of all jobs1. • Despite the recession, the future looks positive for professional services such as finance and accountancy. Environmental accounting growing. Useful subjects • Fewer jobs for administrative staff due to cuts in services and technology taking over some roles. • Can also expect demand to grow for sales and customer service roles and high level jobs such as actuaries, IT and legal staff. • Areas with demand for skills include sales and customer service, HR, legal, ecommerce, logistics administration, actuarial work, IT and business intelligence. What could you earn?* Financial director £61,100 • Employers are seeking people who are motivated, enthusiastic and have a sound understanding of how business works. Human resources officer £28,400 Chartered accountant £37,700 Business research professional £31,900 • Opportunities in all businesses for IT systems and support - especially IT professionals with business skills. Many graduate opportunities too. Finance officer £23,600 Office manager £28,200 Contact centre worker £16,700 • Modern language skills in demand especially for companies who operate or trade internationally. • Many graduate opportunities in this sector and the number of women is growing too. On the web www.cipd.co.uk www.directions.org.uk www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship Local employers • Beagle Street • Metro Bank • Handelsbanken • Barclays • Compare the Market.com • BGL Group • Move with Us • Travelex • Grant Thornton 1 Business Register of Employment Survey 2014 * Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2014. Average full-time (median) salary rounded to the nearest £100. Doesn’t include self employed. 11