What Work Cambridgeshire and Rutland 2016 - Page 11

Information and guidance for young people aged 13-19 AGRICULTURE AND FOOD You might not have thought about a career in food and drink but it’s a large and growing sector with plenty of opportunities – especially if you have an entrepreneurial streak! From nature to plate someone needs to grow it, invent the recipe, make it, test it for quality, package and distribute it. Businesses in the area range from small ‘artisan’ (craftsperson) companies to large producers. What is happening? Skills & qualities • Food and drink sector has over 30 different industries including bakery, dairy, confectionery, chilled and frozen products with all sectors becoming increasingly hi-tech. • Agri-food industry growing, especially in Cambridgeshire – skilled workers are in demand. • Fenland has by far the largest number of people employed in the sector across our area and leads the way in agri-tech. Useful subjects • Around 170,000 people in the food and drink industry across the UK are due to retire by 20201. That means lots of skilled jobs to choose from. • Job titles include quality technician, food technologist, production planner, category managers, environmental technologists, chocolatier, pastry chef, brewer and food scientist. There are new roles for social responsibility and sustainability. • Shortage of bakers, flour confectioners, cheese makers, food technologists (especially in confectionery), machine operatives, managers and those skilled in quality assurance. • High demand for technicians, people with food science degrees and production engineers. Skilled people are crucial for development of the industry as UK aims to become global leader in delivering more sustainable, healthy and affordable food. Local employers • Friar’s Pride • Produce World