What The Thunder Said, Vol 4 - Page 46

countries has amalgamated into the American culture. According to Arienne Torda, senior lecturer for the department of medicine at the University of South Whales, one of the guidelines for pandemic planning is “being sensitive to cultural requirements” (Torda2). For Americans who take foreign aid policies to heart, it would be insensitive to embargo aid missions to desperate countries.

All in all, the low risk of Ebola transmission and the American desire to send aid make a restriction on foreign travel unnecessary. The United States already has disease prevention plans embedded in its laws and medical facilities. Trying to restrict Americans’ constitutional right may cause a larger riot than a pandemic would. In the land of the free, restriction of right is the last thing a government wants to do and is reverted to as a last resort. The Ebola crisis is not to the “last resort”stage yet. Research for a cure is still being conducted and a travel embargo would impede scientific progress. The government needs to let America do what it always does: advocate for those in need and savor sweet freedom.