What The Thunder Said, Vol 4 - Page 42

Savor Sweet Freedom:

Why the United States Government Should Not Ban Travel to Countries with Ebola

by Alexandra Ferrara

The mere mention of Ebola can start a calamity. With any perceived threat to human mortality, such as Ebola, people tend to make rash decisions. Focused on preserving their own lives, people forget to look at the big picture. As a dominant first world country it is the United States’ obligation to provide medical aid to struggling third world countries, like Uganda and South Sudan. There may not be a cure for Ebola, but treating the symptoms and complications as they arise improves chances of survival(“Treatment”, par. 2). While banning travel to countries with known outbreaks of Ebola would ensure American safety, it curtails Constitutional freedom and compromises American sense of morality.

America was born on the idea of freedom, placing the United States Government in charge of protecting that freedom. In the face of an Ebola