What The Thunder Said, Vol 4 - Page 39


by Amber Cole

Her name was Ella, and she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. I say"was", of

course, because she's now dead. No one that knew her in person really knew how she died, but rumor has it that it was devastating. Some say she killed herself, other say it was an accident, and then there are those who enjoy watching the world burn and began to describe the most horrific scene that they could come up with.

The body was never found, which made those "world burners" even more convinced that they were right.

According to the police report, she was reported missing after walking home from finishing her volunteer work at the local soup kitchen late one night. When she didn't return home, her parents called the police. However, when investigating potential crime scenes, as well as her house and those of her friends, her fellow classmates, and her internet history, the police came up short and found absolutely no leads. With little hope of finding her, they closed the case and pronounced her dead.

The day they heard of Ella's passing, everyone knew who she was. Even those who hadn't known