What The Thunder Said, Vol 4 - Page 22

Our Two Souls Among This Nature

by Esemel Valles

As his soft whisper, and

Words of his past crept

Back and forth in my brain,

He was looking ahead

Not at me.

I followed his line of sight

To the Horizon.

Waves more green than blue

Gentle waves like the waves of hair framing his face.

The white foam seeping into a pebbly beach,

Black sand.

I wondered what he was thinking

As he told me about his father who left them

"I'll be a better father, and husband"

Did he think his life would ever less grey?

Than the clouds watching over that sea?

Than the sky watching over those clouds?

Tears like the fresh dew on the overly green grass.

Springtime was hardly springtime

When the cold wind bit at my cheekbones