What The Thunder Said, Vol 4 - Page 20

over the wall and down the fragments of the broken bottle. He remained quiet and stared at the remainder of the drink in his hand. The woman shook silently nearby as she watched him finish the drink, and throw his glass at the wall where the bottle had hit.

"Fine. Get out. And if you hit my cat on your way out, or try and take my son with you, I'll kill you."

Without saying a word she ran through the front door, slamming it behind her and got in the big truck. She started the car and put it in reverse. As she checked the rear view mirror she saw the cat run behind the truck and for just a moment she was filled with so much rage that she stepped on the gas as hard as she could, felt a bump, and then drove off into the night.

Once she was gone, the cat slinked off into the night alone.