What The Thunder Said, Vol 4 - Page 12

Significant Insignificance

by Kaelyn Gavin

When the world becomes dark

And our faces go pale

The stars will hold the last glimpse of human kind.

The universe will carry on.

The tears and the deaths and smiles will become

Piles of ashes and rubble

But why take this as a defeat?

For the universe is here to hold an infinite amount of insignificance

Which is significant itself.

When matter cannot be created no destroyed,

You hold a spot that will never be filled again.

Whether there's a heaven or hell or reincarnation,

Your life is a life that makes up a completely unique nation

So breathe the matter that made a star once before,

Don't be afraid to explore or live your life to the fullest

And one day your own breaths will fuel a star or go far, far away,

Though all your atoms will remain the same.