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What Is Network Marketing?       Network Marketing Training: “What is network marketing?” I asked that question at the tender age of nineteen having answered an advertisement in the local newspaper one summer back in the early 1980s. The ad said something like: “Next Millionaire? Me Neither, But I Made $4,600 Last Week from Home and I’ll Do the Same This Week and Next. Want To Know How I Do It? Call This Number… !” So I called the number. A young woman answered and made an appointment for me to visit the company’s offices and meet the head-guy. It sounded like a great job, I told the woman on the other end of the call before she hung up. It did too But it wasn’t a job. It was something I had never come across before. It was what’s known as a network marketing business. I didn’t know that right then and there. In fact, it took me a few more weeks following the visit to the company’s offices to fully understand what network marketing was and wasn’t and another twenty years or so to start building my own network marketing business. That’s right! I said twenty years before I got started building a network marketing business. What is network marketing? Pour yourself a mug of coffee, put your feet up and settle your laptop so that you can read through this blog in full to get the low down on network marketing and save yourself twenty years of struggle, hardship and confusion! WARNING: Read this blog with an open mind and a closed wallet to discover the true answer to the only question that really matters right now; what is network marketing? MLM Lead Generation – The BIG Untruth “Generating endless FREE Leads for Your MLM/Network Marketing Business Is Critical to Your Success!” How many times have you heard this said and asked yourself how you will ever be able to build a residual income if you don’t know how to; Generate 50 Leads per day from Facebook Generate 10 Leads per day from Twitter Generate 5 Leads per day from LinkedIn Generate 25 Leads per day from Google Adwords Generate 15 Leads per day from YouTube Generate 5 Leads per day from Craigslist