Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 87

White-tailed Deer Relative Densities in Idaho High Density Medium Density IDAHO DEER SEASONS (HIGH DENSITY UNITS) UNIT ANTLERED ANTLERLESS 1, 2, 3, 4A, 5, 6 Oct. 10 – Dec. 1 4, 7, 9 Oct. 10 – Nov. 9 8, 8A, 10A, 11, 11A Oct. 10 – Dec. 1 13 Oct. 10 – Nov. 3 14, 18 Oct. 10 – Nov. 20 15, 16 Oct. 10 – Nov. 20 Oct. 10 – Dec. 1 Oct. 10 – Nov. 9 Oct. 10 – Dec. 1 Oct. 10 – Nov. 3 Oct. 10 – Nov. 20 Oct. 10 – Nov. 20 Low Density Few - None White-tailed Deer Distribution Hunting Idaho Whitetails Whitetail deer are com- monly associated with the eastern portion of the Unit- ed States, as well as the Mid- west. But surprisingly, there are healthy populations in the West. Whitetails are common throughout eastern Washing- ton, Idaho’s Panhandle and Clearwater regions, across the state in Montana and in parts of eastern Colorado and north- ern Wyoming. For me, I always gravitate back to my stomping grounds in Idaho. Deer num- bers are plentiful and the ter- rain is spectacular. And more importantly the opportunities for out-of-state hunters seems endless. LICENSES Licenses in Idaho are sold over the counter, but they do have a quota on them. This hasn’t always been a con- cern, because when I started hunting whitetails in Northern Idaho these tags never sold out. I could roll in to town the week before Thanksgiving and pur- chase a tag. You can even buy two tags in Idaho, which I did a few times back in the day when they never ran out. I’d hunt un- til I found a mature buck, then I’d buy another tag so I could finish out the season with a sec- ond tag in my pocket. I’ve been lucky enough to harvest two bucks more than once. More recently, Idaho has been selling out of this tag almost every year a week or two before Thanks- giving, so make sure you plan accordingly. Another interesting feature to Idaho is liberal opportuni- ty and seasons. You can hunt whitetails with the whitetail tag in many units using “Any Weap- on” for either sex from the sec- ond week in October through Dec. 1. Archery hunting begins the last weekend of August and runs until the last weekend in September, and often for a couple more weeks in mid-De- cember. There are even a few muzzleloader seasons mixed in a few of these units. All these hunt units and seasons can be hunted with the same over-the- counter whitetail deer tag. It provides an amazing amount of opportunity. PRIVATE PROPERTY Idaho has an interesting way to manage private land access. It is the re- sponsibility of the landowners to post their land. The only ex- ception to this is on tilled open ground, where they do not have to post their land. I’ve copied the statement below directly from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game website: The Idaho trespass law states that “no person may enter pri- vate land to hunt, fish, or trap without permission if the land is either cultivated, or posted...”. So, land that is cultivated cannot be hunted without permission, and the landowner must post uncul- tivated land to keep hunters out. Hay fields and irrigated pasture are cultivated lands. Proper posting consists of legible NO TRESPASSING signs; tr VW2"7G2FVBvF7V&R6W2bvf6&ƗG&vRC"WFfV6P7G2FVB&vRf"FPF6W2RbFW6P&W'2W7B&R7FVBWfW'ccfVWB"66W"&VBFP&W'GBB&V6&R2Ц6W72G>( 677VW26v07FVBvW&RV&Ɩ2&@VFW'2BVfW2&fFR&ЦW'GF&Vvv6"pv6&BFRV&Ɩ22&vBbv667FGWFW0&W"7Frfǒv26''Ф2VB6fRB&FגRB6f גu2VBF26gGv&P&fFW2f&F@vW'6FW&^( 2B`F&W"6&W'GFRFFR֗V@vF7FFRBfVFW&B6BWfW"W'G2FrW7Fǐv( 2w&VB^( &RVFr4rDtrVFpvFWF2'FW&FV2^( &RVFrvVগN( 26BvR( fR6V@GW&rF26V6RfPF&R&VGf"&Vrg&VWpFV2BVFRgFV6rF22RbFR&V62F( B6W&R&RvR6WFVǒF&RFW&P&Rv26VvW2vV6rFR6rB&2ЧF2GR6BFR6RFr2FW&R&PG2b6Fv27&V@WBF&Vv'FW&FB7BbFVfP6FV"GvW7B&Pf&Wv&VBFBFW6R6fW&WGGV6FRvVV"6&Vf&RF6vfr6PW"&W6W'fF2vVBЧf6RgFV&ג&0FRF6V6WBf"FRfЦvrV"F2vP7W&R( 7FrvW&RvBFRFW"6RFr&W@7FrFv2FW&R2W7RЦǒ&W7FW&B"GvF@VV&ǒVVvFw&"&FRFVBFR&rvVW&ǒVB'&Vf7BBFЦW"FvB6''V6vFRWFRVF2F2W2f"WG&VVǒ&RЦrVB4E0wwrvW7FW&VFvW&6У