Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 82

TECHNIQUE I alarm to the tinkling of raindrops on the tin roof of my trailer. Oh crap, I thought. Not exactly the weather I was anticipating on this hunt. Granted, in the high country where I was going to be hunting it might be falling as snow. Unlike their blacktail brethren, northern mountain whitetails don’t really seem to like low pressure systems. They often bury deep in the cover and don’t seem to move much until the pressure starts rising again. In fact, some of my best hunting has occurred on those clear crisp (read cold!) days. Those are the times it seems these animals move the most. The plan for the morning was to go to one of my favorite spots, a piece of timber company land where everything is gated off. Even better, there’s a sign on the gate that says walk-in’s welcome, but no ATVs. For Idaho this is a pretty big exception to WOKE WAY BEFORE MY one of Kaboth’s go to ways at locating these secre- tive deer. Our plan for the morning was for Kaboth to show me how he generally went about rattling sets. A guy would have to be a complete fool not to try and learn from a guy who’s had way more success with a technique than himself. We arrived at my gate about 15-minutes before first light. We grabbed our gear and s \YZ[\YHو^H]ܚ]HˈH\Z[’X[\X\\HHY][ۘ[H]]Z]BH]Y\H[Y]و[[\\x&]B[Y]܈ݙ\ L^YX\[[][YH^BY[[H]H[Y]Z]HH]XHX˂\]\YHHYXHوH\X\HY\\]Y[H\K][Y\]\]B[\X\\Hx&]H][\HYY[܈[Y]Z]HH][[X[˂H\\XHH\Y[[\H L H•SS•UURSHܛX[[K[\[K]\ۛH[Z][^BZXH][ ]U[U\H[Y[[[[\XH]8&\[Z]Y[Z[]8&\œ]H[HHۜYH\YH[H[YHZ\]XY8&\YۈHH]K]]8&\\K\[\[H\^Z[]^HY[Y]\[ܙ[X8&\YH \B\H\و\ۈ\\ [^H[]قY\HY^H[Z\[\\]۝ KY]\\H[[ \ZH^\[[\Y\Z[[[YXY x&]H[˜ܚY[H]܈[\H܈[ܙB[ YX\ˈH[\H[[XX[\ [\ۈHܛ[[[[\[ۜ\\[Y\ˈ^HHZ\\H[[H[[›ZYHHY[\][Y[ [Hx&]HXB\ٝ[H]Y[H]Y\]8&\]\Y[ۙHق^H[X\ٝ[X\]Y\]۝\[K]8&\Ž TTSSTSL^YX\[X\X]]8&\[ܙHK\[] \H\H[[\H[H[YB X\]ۛH[Y[[\˂XY\[HHYXXHH\\] H]\H\H[YB\[^\[]Y\[ܛ[ X\Y\][\]Y[K[] BY܈X] MH XۙˈHYYYBX[\X\[ۙ]H][\]Y[KB\[ ][^H^Y\[\X[ܝH[\H[YKY\H\[ B[\]Y[KXZ]YX]YBZ[]\[\Y[\]و][ˈ\›\YX] MHXۙ]]\\[˂\Hܙ\YZ[ܙ][ H۝[YY]^B^Y\[\YHY\[[[\’H\؜\[˂XYYHYܙHH\Y ]SQB\[ܝ\YZ\\[ܛ[ \H\B\ݙ[Y]œܙHHXˈH[