Western Hunting Journal, Premiere Issue whj001_premiere - Page 74

TECHNIQUE is also crucial to the blacktail deer. Prime habitat has many different ages of cuts in close proximity, providing valuable sources of food and cover. I like areas with trees between 2 and 8 feet tall. The younger trees still provide cover while allow- ing enough light into the area for the understory to continue to grow. Often this is found on private timber ground as they tend to log at a more pro- ductive, yet sustainable rate compared to state or federal ground. Most private timber companies allow permitted ac- cess or walk-in hunting. If you are going to make the effort to walk or bike in, make sure that you are going into an area with a decent amount of cuts and habitat. To properly hunt these ar- eas, you will need a heavy dose of patience, and a good pair of binoculars. Considering you’ll be glassing chunks of ground up to 100 acres, quality optics are a must. At times staring into your binoculars is tedious so be sure to buy the best pair that you can afford. As I ap- proach an area I want to glass, I keep a low profile and slip up to the edge quietly and sit down. I sit motionless scanning very quickly with just the naked eye trying to pick up anything close or something on the move that possibly saw me first. Once satisfied with my initial scan I begin to grid off the clear-cut with my binoculars. Depending on the age of the cut determines how long I will stay. Fairly new ones don’t require a lot of time; cuts with trees 6 feet and taller ZH[YBYX][H\ˈ[\XHZB\\^HY\[N]8&\[[YݚYH[^[[\H[HݚY[™[Yݙ\[Y\˜HYܝXHY]B^KH[Hو[YH\B̂TTSSTSH]]܈[[[ܙH[YB\[X]Hݙ\\[\KB[X\H[ܙHZ[H˜HYY [\H]X]\H\Y\YY^H[[[]قY܈][Yۋ][[Y\\HYYH[^\™Y[ZHH]HH[H] B[ۙKۙ[H[[\XHZH\\\[KB\Xx&[HZHHو[ B\X]\HHYH]\˂x&[Hۜ[H\[^\[YB]]\][܈[HH\[[YH[ݙ\[X]Bܛ[“^H\[[\ݙ\\]Xܛ[\XK]H[YH[YKH]HY\]\Z[HH[[[و[YBH[[[HۙH Yx&[BYZ[HوY\X\K܈Y\\H\[[ݚ[[[Z[HH[HYZ[]\\K[\]X][ۋH[YH\›]Xܛ[\XHYܙB^HYۈ܈XYݙ\Yx&[H\[[\XH]\Y[YZ[Y\][›YH]^HY[Y[\HZ]\YYۈ܈\B[XYH[H[X\Y]8&\B]\\H\۸&]]X[H[X]] ]8&\[x&[ۋ\Y[[Hق[YH\[\X\X]Z[[]Y\]YY]YH\و]˜H[ˈYY\\HY BYۈX\KH]H[]^H\X[H]X\™YY\[H܈ L&X[H[ܛ[ˈ]8&\H\[\[K]]\H[Hو[X[ R[[”[ Z[[܈YH\\[š[[[ۈ]][KB\ˈY[H[[x&\H[[›܈[ݚ[[[BؘXHYYۂYH[ܙK[Z[[\[][x&\H[HX&\[[Y[ [Y[X\]HXZ[\˜H\HX[YH[H\]\[x&\H\[B\Y[\K][HY›X]\HXZ[ٙX\[\ۈ][H\[˜HY]]\[[B[YK܈YH[ Z[[\›^HY]X]\B]8&\\܈YH]HHKBY[HHX\ٝ[ ]B\YHX]\\\H[\X[]H\܈x&[[Bو[YH[ Z[[ˈ[šYH\]\[[ۋݙ\ܛ[\ۘ[KHZH\[ݙ\\]Xܛ[\KBK[ܙYۈ[\]HHY\[]Y\]BYHHۙY[H]H[B[[XH[H\HقXH[ H[ܙHܛ[H[YHH]\[HB]Hو[[Y\[KB[[ۈ^HYX]H[BH[[܈[ Z[B\XH[H[HX˂Y\\HY[][H[ܙHۈB[ݙH[HX]\\\[]ܘXK[HXYX“ܝ\ ܈^[\KBX]\[]Hؙ\[X\Hݙ[X\[HۋBYZ\\XKY[H\HB[HHXZ[[\]\Y]X]\H]8&\][B[[]^K